Does a literal interpretation of the Bible require a young universe? Author Gorman Gray says, “No,” as he confronts many damaging yet widely accepted assumptions about the young age of the universe. At the same time he defends Flood geology, recent creation of life and literal, consecutive, 24 hour days of biosphere preparation as described in Genesis. Simple, difficult to refute interpretive devices force the issue to a showdown in this controversial but insightful treatise.

The Age of the Universe: What are the Biblical Limits Copyright 1996 and 2007 is the antecedent of the The Genesis Fortess 

Bible believers divide (roughly) into three categories with regard to the age of the universe:

1) Theistic evolutionists (TE) accept most of the prevailing views regarding a universe billions of years old and fossils millions of years old; but they believe God guided the forces of evolution to produce living things. (Davis Young, M.A. Corey, etc.)

2) Progressive creationists (PC) support most of the generally accepted views regarding a universe billions of years old and fossils millions of years old; but they believe that God, at various stages in history, created special creatures and let them further develop to produce the modern range of biota. (Hugh Ross, P.T. Pun, etc.)

3) Young-earth biblical literalists reject the more common views of an ancient fossil record (preferring recent flood geology), and interpret the Bible to require a young earth (YEC) and a young universe no more than 10,000 years old. (Henry Morris, Ken Ham, etc.)

This site contends that Scripture requires a fourth category:

4) Undefined age biblical literalists interpret the Bible to require a young biosphere (a recent, literal, six-day creation) but leave planet earth’s mineral base and the stellar heavens with an unspecified time of origin (YBC). This allows for a possible or probable old universe and earth but requires a recent biology.

Such is the theme of these books. It is hoped that a better interpretation will bring widely divergent extremes to an intellectual dialogue and ultimate unity without compromising a word of Scripture or empirical science.

Although this YouTube video is from a different ministry, it presents the Young Biosphere Creation model in a concise way.

Genesis Chapter One to The Genesis Fortress: Satanically Attacked – Triumphant in the End. This booklet summarizes the main content of The Age of the Universe. Read this perfect harmony of science and a literal Genesis. A better way to interpret Genesis One with testable proof – – We claim the ONLY satisfactory harmony between demonstrable science and the literal text of Genesis and all the related creation passages. Assurance that we have the correct interpretation comes when everything fits – No unanswered questions, No gaps in understanding. With Bible illuminated, There will be no conflicts between demonstrable science and the plainly translated Word of God.

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