Although this YouTube video is from a different ministry, it presents the Young Biosphere Creation model in a concise way.

DVD cover

DVD cover

A debate regarding the age of the universe can mean many different things to people so please understand the context and purpose of this engagement.

 Since about 1960 there has been a theological and scientific movement returning many Christians to belief in a recent creation of all biological life less than 10,000 years ago, and a literal, worldwide Flood about 5000 years ago just as (from the genealogies) the literally interpreted Bible appears to teach. Dr. Henry Morris, a college professor with his specialty in applied hydraulics engineering became convinced that Genesis and a global flood was literally true and that it agreed perfectly with all the facts of demonstrable science. He is considered the father of the current creationist movement.

But his literalist interpretation of the Bible concluded that the entire universe was created in six days less than 10,000 years ago mostly from two verses of Scripture namely Exodus 20:11 and Genesis 1:16. so that began what is known as young earth creationism (YEC).

A few voices emerged saying, “Not so fast. Let’s examine the Bible more closely before jumping totally to those YEC conclusions.” Without examining the numerous other views of Genesis, this debate concentrates on two views.

Gorman Gray has written a book entitled, The Age of the Universe: What Are the Biblical Limits? in which he insists that the literal Bible does not define the age of the universe, (which therefore could be millions or billions of years old) whereas it does, indeed, define the age of the Biosphere (living things including fossils and the home for living things) at less than 8000 years ago. Brandon Church takes the common YEC view and directs most of his effort toward opposing Gray’s book.

Enjoy the debate and direct any questions to Brandon Church:



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