From the Author

Because all the translation experts differ widely in their preferred renditions, this writing demonstrates a simple way to prove from the text itself, an irrefutable logic which does not require extensive knowledge of Hebrew and yet results in solid translation choices and logically excludes misleading options. Expertise in Hebrew is always welcome, but those who created the King James Version (and its many derivatives) were (and are) heavily credentialed but gave us some misleading translations. See more of the author’s academic background in the last page of the 200 page book or check the website. 

Genesis, well translated and well understood, bathed in prayer and with a proper measure of humility, has the potential of unifying the various, conflicting ideas of Bible believers such as theistic evolution, young earth creationism, and progressive creation. It is hoped that the Young Biosphere Creation view, summarized in this pamphlet, will provide a catalyst, encouraging friendly debate and unified understanding.

It is one thing for a Bible believer to accept the universe as billions of years old, mostly from the consensus of scientists. Many say, “I’ve always believed that.” But it is quite another to see clearly that time for starlight transit, in fact, conforms plainly with the literal Hebrew text. That is one of the tasks of this book. But the only time allowed for the biosphere creation is six literal, 24 hour, solar days less than 8000 years ago.

However, be clear on this: Readers MUST prefer the original Hebrew text to popular translations, no matter how treasured, honored or revered they may be. The King James Version was my entrance into faith and I treasure it today along with other versions but it has some major misleading word selections in Chapter One and Exodus 20 which I expose conclusively herein.

May God humble, illuminate and protect us together.

Gorman Gray