About the Author

Mr. Gorman Gray is a retired tooling engineer from the aircraft industry, who has used his retirement opportunity to fill what he feels is a major weakness in creationist thinking. He is a graduate of Multnomah Bible College of Portland, Oregon.

The main-stream creationist insistence on a six thousand year old universe, it seems to me, is the weak point in the creationist framework. With that resolved, everything falls into place and should make sense to anyone with an open mind. As science digs deeper into the complexity of living things, it becomes obvious that evolution is no more than a superstitious fantasy. Unfortunately, creationism seems determined to flounder on the rock of a seven day universe. You have now removed that rock. I believe you have done a great service to the faith.

-Colonel Leonard Gaston PhD. USAF RET July, 2009

“I just finished your book and must say it is awesome! I have never before committed to a specific camp on the age of the universe, but I must say that you have presented overwhelming evidence for an undefined age of the universe/early stage earth. I thank you also for clearing up Genesis 1.”

-Kurt Vanderber, professor of mathematics, State University of NY Cobleskill, NY. June, 2009

“As an English Professor at a Christian university and a lecturer on C. S. Lewis, I often speak on worldview issues and on the differences between the modern/postmodern paradigm and the traditional paradigm of pre-Enlightenment Christian Europe. Quite often my work takes me into the fray of the creation/evolution debate, a topic which I consider key to the worldview battles going on in the media, in our schools, and in the academy. As such, I have been an avid reader of the writings of such Intelligent Design theorists as Philip E. Johnson. I have worked hard to understand Genesis 1 in a way that will hold true to the authority of scripture and the discoveries of modern science.

With that as preface, I can truly say that Gorman Gray’s book has revolutionized my reading of Genesis 1 and my vision of the universe and the earth. His book is powerfully argued and in its own way quite unassailable in its logic and its interpretation of scripture. I for one am fully convinced. I have toyed myself with the gap theory, and with the idea that the universe/earth was created old, but after reading Gorman’s book, I feel that his explanation is the best of all and the truest to a literal, common sense reading of scripture that is sensitive to the perspective from which Genesis 1 (and related passages) is written. Indeed, after you read his book, you will no doubt have a reaction similar to my own: why didn’t anyone think of this before? How simple and yet how profound: the six-day creation story details not the creation of the universe but of our biosphere…”

-Louis Markos Professor in English, Houston Baptist University Houston, TX July 2003

“I have read The Age of the Universe: What Are the Biblical Limits? and found it to be quite compelling. Please send me four additional copies.”

-Dr. Mark E. Fuller, research scientist in microbiology.

“This is controversial material . . . it is well written, reflects Gray’s engineering background, and is very useful in addressing weaknesses in . . . creationist arguments. We recommend it . . . informative and useful.”

-From the Journal, Does God Exist? South Bend, IN

“Your manuscript should become one of the most important contributions to creationist literature.”

Dr. R.H. Brown, nuclear physicist

“I consider this book essential reading and deserving critical analysis by individuals in all subcategories of creationism and anti-creationism.”

-From the Creation Research Society Quarterly book review by Dr. R.H. Brown, nuclear physicist and expert on radioisotope dating

“Mr. Gray is a creative thinker and an aggressive interlocutor … Within this text, you will find fascinating observations and arguments … A very good example of a careful study of the English text, and a very interesting argument with regards to the origin of the earth.”

-(From the foreword by Dr. David Eckman, associate professor of Hebrew at Western Seminary, Los Gatos, CA.)

“Gorman Gray has been the first author to resolve my own conflict in creation versus evolution. As a double major in chemistry and biology in college, I have been intrigued how evidence for the older age of the universe was strong while the evidence in biological life forms supported a younger earth argument. Mr. Gray presents a solution that allows me to accept the truly scientific evidence from inert matter while rejecting the theistic evolution arguments from life forms that compromise the Bible’s integrity. This is a must read for every person interested in this debate.”

-Orthopaedic surgeon and author, Dr. Ken Wilson.

“Gorman Gray has done a real service for the creationist cause. His book links some of the basic observations of astronomy with careful analysis of Scripture by biblical scholars and the author, which results in the elimination of one of the nagging conundrums facing creationism . . . As a geology researcher, the book has helped me by opening a timeline to the distant past never “allowed” before that can accommodate all the processes to which the rocks testify while keeping creation of the biosphere within creation week . . . If, as I hope, the book becomes influential, it will revitalize the creation movement that has been so effective against evolution theory yet so vulnerable on such issues as the age of the universe.”

-Lieutenant Colonel Michael Fischer, U.S. air force reserve.

“I discovered ‘The Age of the Universe: What Are the Biblical Limits?’ as I was looking for a solution to the various issues that divide Christians into ancient-universe and young-universe groups. I think that Gorman Gray’s thesis represents the best of both perspectives. As a Sunday School teacher of elementary age children, I was also impressed with the simplicity and clarity of the biosphere interpretation of creation week in his ‘Creation Story for Kindergarten Children.’ ”

-Joe Gaietto, Computer Programmer

“The fact that the seven day record of the Genesis Creation story is Earth centric rather than Universal in scope, is well presented in this excellent little book.”

-Allen Roy, Director for Grand Canyon geological tours.

“The innovative approach in this book presents some thought provoking concepts on a very important issue. A ‘must-read’ for serious creationists . . .”

-Velma Brunt, Accountant

“As a pastor who is committed to verse by verse exposition and careful exegesis, I found your book to be very sound, irrefutable and interesting (I found it hard to put down!). I am totally convinced of your thesis, and will teach it from this day forward.

Thank you for resolving a nagging theological, exegetical, and scientific issue for me. I will do my best to get the word out about your excellent book. It is one of the best books I have ever read.”

-Tom Carnes, Pastor

“When I read your book… I said to myself, “This is what the scriptures really mean. It is simple and straightforward. We’ve made it too complicated.”

-Gary Waterman, Computer Consultant

“Gorman Gray’s book is the most literal treatment of Genesis one that I have read but it powerfully answers the strongest objection the secular critics can raise against divine creation of the cosmos. Leaving no retreat for evolution, Gray helps clear the path to faith.”

-David Corson, biblical chronologist and Near East historian. (See bibliographical reference 50.)

“I shared your writing with my father, and it has helped in addressing many of the questions he had concerning origins. My father is one that has since then confessed his belief in Christ Jesus, and I believe that your book may have been the water to the seeds that were earlier sown.”

-Mark Cunningham

“Here at last is a book which provides a meeting-ground for young-earth creationists and old-universe cosmologists. Gorman Gray’s thesis is that, with a correct reading of Scripture, they are both right. A universe, including a perpetually darkened earth, may have been created eons ago. Then just thousands of years ago, God’s continued action prepared the earth for life. This brings a peaceful, Biblical solution to a long standing controversy.

This is a scholarly book, yet clearly written and most readable-Highly recommended.”

-Carol Armstrong, book reviewer

“… a fantastic book. This is the best commentary I have ever read regarding Genesis. Finally, something that fits the intended simplicity of God’s word meshes with true science as it should… and it doesn’t require backflips of physics to work. Excellent work done in a humble and respectful manner. Gorman Gray hit the mark on every one of his points. I am 100% convinced that this is essentially the correct answer… This work is worthy of being integrated into Christian science curricula… It is a beautifully done, concise, easy to understand book, teachable at any level. He may be having a hard time getting the book accepted in the main stream of creation science, much to their loss, but I have already recommended the book during Bible study and will certainly be doing so at my (astronomical viewing) events… Thanks again for such a great book.”

-Joe Korpela, radio broadcast engineer.

“Gorman Gray, in his book has tackled one of the great enigmas in the great debate between science and scripture. This is a cautious but forceful presentation that is unusual for this area of discussion because it respects the integrity of both science and the Bible. The arguments are both well reasoned and well authenticated. This masterful study provides a clear and easily understood solution to an enigma that has baffled many. Anyone who is interested in the deep questions about origins must read this insightful book.”

-Ariel Roth, retired director Geoscience Research Institute. See bibliography (28)

“Your book answered many questions and presented a thoroughly plausible and comprehensive explanation regarding the age of the universe. Thank you very much.”

-Dr. Donna J. GiAntonio D.M.D. dentist.

“I have read most of your The Age of the Universe and want to thank you for clearing the clouds away from issues I’d puzzled over for many years… Yours is a true “Occam’s Razor” solution that just makes sense and sustains faith in all regards… Sir, if there’s anything I appreciate, it’s clear thinking. So I’ll always be deeply grateful to you for sharing the light God has cleared for you about His glorious creation.”

Anton Marco, Arts & Sciences M.A. (Teaching Fellow), Johns Hopkins University; Author, Senior Editor, Writer’s Mentor.

“Thank you for your exegetically sound treatment of the age of the universe÷far and away the best explanation I’ve seen or heard. Your explanation settled some questions that have remained unanswered through even seminary training. It’s astonishing that we didn’t discover such a simple yet elegant explanation earlier.”

-John Adams, Pastor

“I believe your book deserves wide reading among those who are interested in creation science. Simply put, careful exegesis of Gen.1 does not support the idea that the universe and the earth were created on the first day of creation week. The account of each day in creation week (except the 7th) is introduced by a vav consecutive form meaning ‘And God said…’ or ‘Then God said…’ This expression first appears in Gen. 1:3, so Gen.1:1-2 must precede creation week itself. And these two verses do not read like a summary. This would indicate that the heavens and the earth were created at an indefinite time prior to creation week – a time which is simply defined as ‘the beginning’.”

-Robert Heim, Bible translator (See Bibliography (56). He is currently (2004) working on a new translation of the Bible entitled, “In the Beginning” Modern Evangelical Version. Portions available from Vantage Press, New York 2003.

The Age of the Universe: What Are the Biblical Limits? is a profound book which makes a vital contribution to the study of biblical creationism. Mr. Gray presents the results of his research in a way that compels the reader to reconsider how the Bible harmonizes with astronomy.

By discerning the literal meaning of Genesis 1:1,2 –with the chapter’s narrative orientation, literary genre, and pivotal Hebrew definitions–the majestic witness of the creation account harmonizes with the findings of modern astronomy instead of contradicting them. In the challenges of the culture wars, Christians can more effectively defend the Faith by affirming the biblical creation model presented in this book. It was a eureka moment for me when I read the first chapter on his website http://www.ageoftheuniverse.com.”

-Dr. J. B. Woodward Christian counselor and pastor.

“Gorman Gray has, for the first time, presented the creation account in a way that is not only faithful to the original text (and we believe, God’s meaning in it), but will serve to liberate biblical creationists from the constraints imposed by well-meaning, (though flawed) conceptions requiring a young earth and a young universe. It deserves the widest possible hearing, and all who are concerned about origins (and the plain, literal, accurate meaning of the Scriptures) should do all they can to promote it.”

-Mark Fontaine, Seminary student.

“I wrote to you about a month ago regarding how much I enjoyed your book Age of the Universe, What are the Biblical Limits?  Well, I have proof positive that it’s a good book…..my WIFE read it and liked it…. and she doesn’t enjoy the subject. Pretty impressive when you can captivate interest like that.”

-Joe Korpela, radio broadcast engineer

“Your book really was an answer to prayer for me. The more I had looked at the Genesis account, the more perplexed I became because it didn’t really make sense. And your book has cleared it all up for me. More and more I see that God works in the natural, and typically does not defy His own physical laws – and so I can appreciate that the Holy Spirit just waited until the star light reached the earth.”

-Ronnie Smith, pastor.

“…a Christian book of exceptional merit on a subject of great importance to the church at this time, and I deeply regret that it is not better known …Bible-believing Christians are greatly in need of fresh, biblical thinking about the opening chapters of Genesis. Gray has obviously researched and thought about these matters deeply for many years. He is a man of keen intelligence with a passionate love for God and His Word, and an excellent writer as well. This book deserves a much wider audience. Recommended”

-Gregory Novalis, book distributor.

“The whole book is well organized and clearly written; and easy read for the layman.”

-John Fischer, researcher.

“This book is not the best book from a literary sense but contains rarely discussed perspective thus garnering a rating of highly recommended.”

The Origins Guidepost – Creation Date Book Reviews

“… a thought-provoking book by Gorman Gray called The Age of the Universe: What Are The Biblical Limits? … will stretch Biblical and scientific thinking in new ways while staying faithful to the text. …In light of the challenges of astronomy to the homeschooler, this book may provide some additional support for a Biblical creationist worldview as he or she engulfs in study of this challenging scientific subject.”

-David Callihan, educator.

“Your book, in my estimation, should be book of the year. The concepts shared are universe shaking! I wish our young earth brethren would take a closer look! Thanks again for your service to the kingdom of God.”

-Don Sailer, D. Min., pastor, affiliate professor at Colorado Christian University.

“Gray’s treatment of the Creation account, settles many longstanding problems with which creationists have struggled. Having considered numerous tortured explanations attempting to fit the creation of interstellar space into day four, for example, it was a delight to learn that several simple interpretive and assumptive adjustments not only relieve these verses of this unwarranted pressure, but also comfortably accommodate an old or young universe position. In fact, clarity and simplicity run throughout Gray’s treatment removing other seemingly insurmountable problems for creationist models. I certainly recommend this book to all creationists, and any open minded individual who is willing to know the truth.”

-John M. DeMassa, Ph.D. Organic Chemist Manager, Plastics Research and Development.

“This book is awesome. I can’t believe that Genesis 1 was not always interpreted this way, it makes so much more sense… I would like to do anything I can to spread the word ˜I believe you have found the truth.”

-Brian Dees, university student.

1 thought on “Endorsements

  1. Gorman Gray has done a great service to Christians who have heard the controversy between old earth creation and young earth creation. His thesis is right in line with Halley’s Bible Handbook that is translated into many languages and is probably the most read Bible reference in the world. As he notes, each day of creation begins with “And God said..” That leaves two verses at the first – and if those two verses are a summary they are a bad summary indeed – doesn’t mention living things nor man. No the first two verses are a testimony to what goes before the seven days of crafting an environment for life on earth, then creating animals, and finally man. This making context king – and taking into account other verses on creation in the Bible, is what has long been needed to set the record straight. That the Lord could easily configure and populate the Earth in six literal days is without question. Macro-evolution has no part in this process. Carbon dating may provide some help in dating events, but rock dating is suspect (see Chapter 5 of Shattering the Myths of Darwinism). After reading Age of the Universe consider the website newgeology.us as it also has great insights. But I digress. This is an excellent book. It should be required reading for all that study Genesis. It answers the question of distant star light with ease. Just because man was created fully mature, did not mean that the universe was created with light rays filled with sights. God is not one to try to deceive us. He gives us life and love. He wants all saved. Trust the Creator Father, Son and Holy Spirit with all your life and He will save. See Romans 10:9,10
    –Wesley M. Steinbrink, Geology/Geophysics, Minor in Applied Mathematics


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