NIV Quest Study Bible Notes

This study Bible acknowledges the legitimacy of the ancient solar system and young biosphere interpretation of Genesis chapter 1.

How could there have been light before God created the sun and the moon? (Genesis 1:14–16)

Some say that the earlier light created by God (v. 3) was from some source other than the sun, perhaps iridescence from God himself. Others say that the phrase the heavens and the earth (v. 1) means the universe—all the heavenly bodies including sun, moon and stars. According to this view, God created the sources of light (v. 1) but did not reveal them until later (v. 3)—perhaps by removing some sort of cloud of darkness (v. 2). Finally, he brought the process to completion and established the rhythm and order of the solar system (v. 14), assigning the sun and moon their place and purpose—thus giving us days, nights and seasons.

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