The Global Flood

One of the convictions of the Young Biosphere Model of creationism is belief in a global flood as recorded in Genesis, chapters 6-8. We hold this belief in common with the Young Earth Model.

Young Earth creation sites have many helpful resources on the flood and its pivotal role in interpreting the geological strata and fossil record.

Examples from

Fossil graveyards point to global Flood
“What sort of catastrophe would be required to entomb over 120 species of marine invertebrates in fined-grained rock? 
This is not just a hypothetical question. In the Canadian Rockies, over 120 species of marine invertebrates have been found preserved in a famous formation known as The Burgess Shale. Most of these animals were soft bodied, and many are so exquisitely preserved that you can still see the food in their stomachs!…” Continue reading at…

Another blog post there discusses the significance of fish and whale fossils:

This bog post cites the conclusion of secular researchers about why ankylosaurs fossils are usually upside down:

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