The Origin of Oxygen

One of our readers (Wes S.) submitted this post for our consideration. Written from a Young Earth Creationism perspective, it also corresponds to Young Biosphere Creationism in it’s argument against macroevolution.

Origin of oxygen more complex than imagined
by Barry Tapp

…The article [by James Kasting, in Nature] outlines various creative ways that researchers have tried to address these problems [of adequate levels of oxygen in early earth’s atmosphere] over the years, but ends with a rather forlorn conclusion: ‘The ancient atmosphere may have had a more complex evolution than we imagined.’ In essence the author admits that within an evolutionary framework the data is contradictory, and no resolution of the contradictions is in sight, hence the need for ‘creative thinking’.

However, it is the naturalistic evolutionary framework that is the problem. Within this framework a reducing atmosphere is needed initially if the first cell is to have any possibility of arising by chance.3 But it must then change into an oxidizing atmosphere to permit the evolution of aerobic bacteria and multi-cellular life.

These problems disappear when the problem is approached from a biblical framework. There never was a great oxidation event because oxygen, at concentrations necessary for life to flourish, was present in the atmosphere during Creation week at the beginning. The geological evidence, including sulfur minerals and carbonate rocks, is explained by deposition during the early part of the global Flood.

Read the full article at

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